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Wildheart gathering | Practical info
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Practical info

Welcome to the WildHeart Gathering here is some information to help you have a great festival.


The May festival gate opens at 9 am on Friday and finishes at 4 pm on Monday.

Arrival on the Wildheart site is only from 9 am Friday Morning for ticket holders. (The August Festival finishes on Sunday night)

The workshops begin at 2 pm on Friday. Please be aware that our Ticket Desk and Main Gate open & close daily at 9am/10 pm.  After 9pm no vehicles or newcomers are allowed on-site for safety reasons.  The gate will be locked at 12 midnight.


On-Site Guidance


A torch – It gets very dark on site at night, as the only electricity we have is from solar panels that run the PA system.

First Aid Kit – although there will be first aiders present, it is a camping situation and it makes sense to be able to take care of basic first aid yourselves.


Waterproof footwear



If you want an individual fire then please bring some kind of barbecue or fire alter to lift the fire off the grass.

Fires should be kept small and away from tents and other structures that may be flammable.


Neighbouring land:


In order to demonstrate respect to our neighbours who live here all year round, as it is their home, which we are just borrowing for a time please stay with in the boundaries of the field unless you are part of a guided session, forage or meditation walk.




As the site is  pasture for the benefit of the cattle Please leave all glass at home as we have a no glass on site policy.




No sound systems other than those that are part of the Wild Heart Gathering event will be allowed.

There will be no amplified music after 12 midnight, in order to respect our neighbours.

Please feel free to play impromptu music around the fire at night, but keep the noise level to a sociable minimum.

There is a  2 am curfew on noise on site generally.




 We are sorry but we have a strict NO DOGS policy on site for safety reasons. Except guide dogs.  Please be kind to our canine friends and leave them at home with a friend. Owners of dogs found kept in vehicles on site will be asked to leave.



Leave No Trace:



We will supply you with bin liners and ask everyone to take their rubbish home with them…..a leave no trace policy…..  No Illegal drugs of any description, this is a family & conscious event….THANK YOU